6x3x3 – Theorie- und Performanceprojekt

„6x3x3“ is a performance as it is a project of theory. In the three metropoles
Buenos Aires, São Paulo and Hamburg 6 participants from these cities – artists,
architects, historians, academics – are asked to realize within 3 days 3 parallel
interventions in urban space in teams of two. One in the role of the host the
other as guest. Embedded in the everyday life of the host, the artistic creation
will take his or her understanding of the city and the urban spaces as a point of
entry. The project hopes to ignite an intense process of translating, understanding
as well as finding and exchanging narratives about the elements of the city.
Artistic urban interventions become tools to activate collective processes and
to enable polyloque between different cultural contexts, artistic positions and
practices. The individual experience of each team is the beginning of a search
process. In creating manyfold personal experiences of collaborations this search
aims to aggregate some of these experiences into more general interfaces, where
the three urban worlds can be brought into relation to each other.


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